Meal Deal: Summerlicious 2018

Hello Everyone!

Another year, another Summerlicious (is it really worth it in the end?). But, nevertheless, tradition states that my girlfriends and I join in merriment annually. So yes, that is what we do.

This time around, we were all crazy busy and left it to chance and chance said that we would try out Oretta. Oretta, located on King St. W, is an eclectic, 1920’s inspired looking restaurant. Beautiful high ceilings, reminiscent of cathedrals and a decidedly Gatsbyesque decoration, I was instantly delighted to take pictures. I can tell you I wasn’t the only one. We sat down, and took a quick look at the menu before deciding to share all the apps. Best. Decision. Ever.

633 King St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M5

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Meal Deal: Night It Up!

Hello everyone!

If y’all (I really wanted to use that word haha) checked out my instagram over the weekend, you’ll know that I went to Night It Up!. Now, what is Night it Up!? Essentially, it’s a night market, there’s no other way to describe it. It’s a food-filled, fun-filled night market, packed with people, stalls, food trucks and performances.
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Birthday and #VacayMayday

Hello Everyone!

In all technicality, it’s past my birthday week (unless birthday week is the week after your birthday), but I’ll probably spend the rest of this week posting up pictures of what I ate during my birthday week. It’s the most active I’ve been in a while haha.
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Meal Deal: Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Hey Everyone!

Like I said, two for one! I went to two Winterlicious restaurants this year, which makes some pretty interesting opening post for 2018 I guess. Either way, here we go!!

Cluny. What can I say about Cluny, other than I’ve been trying to get it on the list for any of my ‘licious adventures… and my friends haven’t said yes till this year. Go Curiosity (fist bumps ftw)!! I have to say, it is pretty much everything I hoped it would be, so clearly I’m not disappointed in any way. The interior wasn’t what I thought it would be, probably because I wanted to be as surprised as possible and avoided pictures. Ha. Either way, Cluny makes me think I’ve left Toronto and was eating somewhere in the south of France or something. Given I’ve never been to France, my imagination might not be as helpful… or that indie movie Colin Firth was in with Emma Stone… Either way…

Let’s get the show on the road!

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie
35 Tank House Lane
M5A 3C4
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